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The Perfect Litter Tray

This article appears courtesy of Dr Kim Kendall
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Litter Trays for Cats

Most cats are quite happy to use a conveniently located, medium sized tray, with any kind of litter in it. However, many have very specific litter tray size, location and litter preferences. Some aspects of these are instinctive, some are learnt, and if your cat doesn't like the tray you are offering, you are the one who is going to have to figure out why and to change things so it goes back to the tray.

You will firstly need to keep your cat's litter tray very clean. You will need to CLEAN WHERE SHE'S BEEN with the right stuff - no disinfectants, no strong smelling deodorizers, just enzyme-based cleaners like BIOZET followed by S.O.X. (the stain remover).  Sometimes you need to have TWO TRAYS PER CAT if they are very fussy about it.

You will need to put the tray somewhere quiet and private - not the kitchen or a busy walkway or laundry - but not too far from where the cat spends most of its time, particularly little kittens. And not near the food bowl - would you want to eat in the toilet? You may need to try different TYPES of litter: After all, your cat has to walk on it to go to the toilet, and she just may not like the feel of the litter you have chosen. Many cats will poop beside the litter tray if this is the problem.

If your kitten is using the duvet to pee or poop on, remember IT'S ONLY BECAUSE SHE LOVES YOU. But now you have to get it clean. TALK TO US TO PREVENT IT HAPPENING AGAIN. It is very common in YOUNG or TIMID cats. The cat is giving you information – you have to understand cat communication - they are VERY SMELL ORIENTED. So, urine and faeces are, to cats, just another messaging system like email. We have to be smart enough to read it However; you don't want using the carpet or duvet to become a habit, and the sooner it is addressed, the quicker it is resolved.