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Symptoms of Tick Paralysis


The earliest signs often suggest that your pet has something caught in its throat or the back legs are not working properly. Other commonly noticed changes are vomiting, heavy breathing with a grunt and alteration to your pet's vocal sounds.

Check the eyes can blink

I always tell owners to check the pet can blink in both eyes. One of the earliest signs of a paralysis tick on the head is an inability to blink on the same side. If you find this is the case, search that side of the head thoroughly until you find the tick.

The eye must be kept moist to prevent ulceration from drying out, so apply human artificial tears or saline from the chemist until you can get to the vet.

Progressive Signs

While signs vary from patient to patient, the usual course is a progressive paralysis with subsequent loss of use of back and front legs. Some animals, especially cats, may become distressed, anxious and confused.

Bhvg tick transEventually there is an inability to breathe in enough oxygen as the lungs develop congestion and chest muscles become paralysed.
When animals are fully paralysed, the chances of saving them are greatly reduced.
If you think your pet has a tick, do not give anything by mouth.

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