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SDMA Blood Testing

This has to be one of the most exciting advances in veterinary medicine in recent years.

SDMA is a brand-new blood test brought out to Australia from the USA for the early detection of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in both dogs and cats.

Early detection and treatment of CKD can increase the live of a pet considerably.

Advantages of SDMA Testing Over Traditional Tests

N.B. From October 2017, SDMA will be able to be run on our in-house Idexx machine rather than being sent away overnight to a Sydney lab.

Did you know that over 30-40% of cats over 10 years old have CKD?

Did you know that some cats with CKD can still manage to produce a relatively strong urine i.e. it’s not weak or diluted?

Did you also know that traditional kidney blood tests (urea and creatinine) can be normal in old thin pets giving rise to the false belief that their kidneys are ok when they actually are not.

Until now, vets checking for the presence of CKD have had to rely on a combination of these older style blood tests and measuring the strength of a pet’s urine. Many false “healthy” results occurred.

Unfortunately, these blood tests don’t get elevated until approx. 75% of all kidney function is gone.

Special SDMA Deal as Part of the BHVG Senior Health Check Programme

When combined with our regular Senior Pet Blood and Urine Test Package ($96.00), the SDMA test is just an additional $30.00 (normal stand-alone price $70.00 - SAVE $40.00).

There is a small blood collection fee to cover courier costs and disposables used.

Call BHVG on (02) 448 5621 to book your sneior pet in for its FREE Senior Pet Health Check

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