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Sago Palm Tree Toxicity

All parts of the tree are toxic, with the highest concentration of toxin in the seeds. 1-2 seeds can kill a dog.




Usually occur within 12 hours of ingesting the plant with initial signs including

Often these symptoms can be managed with IV fluids and anti-convulscant therapy only to see severe liver failure develop a few days later

Laboratory Tests


If not already vomiting, inducing vomiting can stil be effective up to 4-6 hour after eating the plant, as it is often still in the stomach.
Gastric lavage (stoamch pumping) is not too effective as the plant material is too big to fit down the tubes, but it is handy for placing activated charcoal directly into the stomach.

Activated charcoal
Watch for high blood sodium levels (hypernatraemia) as it causes large amounts of water to cross into the GIT so may see increased thirst (polydypsia). Good idea to get a baseline sodium level before treatment. Can rpt dose at 8 hours.


IV Fluids routinely
5% Dextrose is hepato-protectant

Antacids and protectants
e.g. H2 blockers, Sucrulfate


Dilute with 5% Dextrose  to a 5% IV solution (as irritates veins) at 140mg/kg initially then 70mg/kg


Additional Treatments


Despite all the best efforts at saving an affected dog, there is an overall 30-50% mortality.
It is very expensive to treat with blood transfusions, intensive care, laboratory tests and drugs.