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Despite its name, ringworm is not a worm. It is a fungal infection of skin. So "worming" your pet will not protect against it.

Public health issues

The ringworm fungus can spread to humans, especially children.
It causes a circular red "ring-like" lesion on the skin surface (hence the name).
If you suspect a ringworm lesion, see your doctor ASAP for treatment as it can be very difficult to remove if it gets into the scalp. Localised lesions in humans are usually treated with an ointment containing Miconazole e.g. Daktarin


Ringworm spreads from pet to pet either by direct contact, or by sharing infected bedding.


Ringworm skin lesions look like circular areas of hair loss. They can appear anywhere on the body. Favourite sites are the face and toes.


A vet can run several tests to diagnose ringworm.


Ringworm1 Ringworm2 Ringworm8

Ringworm lesion
on an adult dog

Ringworm on a
cat and owner's arm
Fungal hyphae
under the microscope
Ringworm9 Ringworm4 Ringworm6
Ringworm on a
puppy's head
Ringworm in the
human scalp
Ringworm glows
in ultraviolet light
Ringworm10 Ringworm11 Ringworm3
Ringworm on
a kitten's head
Ringworm affecting
whole of a cat
in a Koala