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Resuscitation in Pets- CPR

Before starting any procedure...

Assess safety and ensure scene is safe before proceeding

Do not assume that the blood has come from an animal

Wear gloves at all times

If fully conscious...

If not breathing at all...

If you are doing mouth to nose respiration and the chest refuses to rise
it may be that there is a foreign body in the windpipe
especially if you can’t see anything in the back
of the throat that could be causing an obstruction

If no heartbeat...

Commence chest compressions as below...

Animal size

Amount of compression to apply
-min. 20% diameter of chest

Small dog/cat

1 cm (1/2")

Medium dog

2- 2.5 cm (1-1&1/4 ")

Large dog

> 4 cm (2") -difficult

  • Do not stop compressions for > 15sec
  • Approx. 100 compression per minute
  • Continue mouth to nose breathing at 20 per minute

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