Pet Info

Petplan Insurance Leads the Way

We are thankfully seeing more and more of our clients taking out pet insurance. Sometimes, they have gone with a cheaper company and had very disappointing results when it came time to make a claim.

One of our clients, having paid for a snake bite treatment in 2013, took out cover this yearwith Petplan and has already made 2 successful claims for a nasty leg wound and a paralysis tick treatment. Both claims were paid directly to us, saving her the worry about “getting money from the bank”.

Petplan is underwritten by Allianz, so you can rest assured that your pet's insurance policy is supported by one of the world’s most respected insurers (Currently all other pet insurance policies are underwritten by Hollard insurance).

What distinguishes Petplan from the crowd?

1) A range of options, including genuine the Covered 4 Life policy that covers your pet should they develop a chronic, re-occurring or lifelong illness that will require ongoing expensive treatment and medication.

2) An alternative, cheaper Essential policy for pets suitable for pets over 8 years of age.

Petplan will insure your pet if it is over 8 years of age and not been insured before.* This plan covers vet fees up to $7,000 per 12 months.

3) Coverage for grade 3 dental disease veterinary treatment.

4) Third party liability for dogs, covering $1m, $3m or $5 million depending on the policy.

5) Direct payment to the vet, so all you pay is the excess to the vet who then submits the claim on your behalf.

6) No additional waiting periods for Cruciate Ligament, while many of the other insurers have a 6 month waiting period.

7) Cover starts immediately while many of the other insurers don’t start the policy until midnight on the day you sign up.

Call Petplan on 1300 738 226 or visit to get a quote. Fees may vary according to the pet’s age and breed.

*Cover is subject to acceptance criteria, policy limits and exclusions may apply.We strongly recommend pet insurance for our clients. Veterinary bills are not cheap, and reflect the very high costs of running a veterinary practice. I am glad to say that we are seeing more and more clients take my advice.