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Pet Dental Home Care

What can you do?

It's vitally important to the overall health of pets (and humans) to have nice healthy teeth and gums.

So here are some "home remedies" to try and prevent buildup of plaque (remember..."plaque causes dental disease") and tartar.

There are a lot of different pet dental products on the market making all sorts of claims. To cut to the chase, the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) has tested and approved a select number of products that have been shown to prevent both plaque and tartar.

Daily Teeth Brushing

If your own dentist had just cleaned your teeth and said "don't brush for 6 months", you would expect to be back for major teeth and gum issues in a very short time.

The same applies for pets. With a little patient training, you'll soon have your pet eager for its daily tooth brushing.

Tooth brushing is by far the best way to prevent dental disease

Hills T/D and Vet Essentials (VE) Dry Foods

These brands of Hills pet foods are the only pet food in the world to have had over 300 published tests proving their effectiveness in preventing both plaquae and tartar in pets. They are approved by the VOHC.

Hills Vet Essentials (VE) has T/D built into their makeup.

The secret lies in a protein "meshwork" inside each biscuit that prevents them crumbling when a tooth penetrates them. I have actually stabbed a biscuit with a screwdriver and it did not split. Once the tooth enters the biscuit and eventaully "exits", any plaque or taratr on the tooth is "dragged off".









Of course they are not indestructable, but they are made to just the right consistency so this action "self cleans" the teeth as the pet eats.

Chews and bones

Try to encourage daily chewing to keep the teeth clean if possible. Some good chewable things include:​

e.g. nylon bones, rope and rubber toys

Aquadent Drinking Water Additive

Aquadent has passed the Veterinary Oral Health Council's (VOHC) stringent testing as effective in preventing up to 50% of plaque and tartar buildup on pet's teeth. Just add Aquadent to your pet's drinking water


Greenies are activated by saliva to battle both plaque and tartar in pets.
They have also under gone extensive testing by the VOHC and proven to be effective.
Should your pet swallow a larger than normal piece, the Greenie will dissolve in the stomach and not cause a bowel blockage (unlike some other types of dental chews on the market e.g. nylon bones)





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