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NEW! Activyl for Total Flea Control

We are very excited by the release of Activyl in Australia last month. This follows an intensive study on 50 flea infested homes in Tampa, Florida (one of the worse places for fleas in the USA). Dr Mike Dryden, the world guru on fleas, said his study showed some of the best results he has seen in 20 years, and that’s saying something.

You can download a copy of his study by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

The study was a straight Activyl versus Frontline Plus comparison, and Activyl was the huge winner!

Activyl contains a chemical (Indoxacarb) which is absorbed through a flea’s skin as it wanders around on a pet. The chemical then gets activated by the flea’s own body into a chemical that kills it.

Mike went to over 50 homes inundated with fleas and having one or more pets. He and his students set up flea traps around the homes and did untold numbers of flea counts on the pets in each home over several months. Half the homes were Frontline Plus and the other Activyl.





Activyl is available from BHVG in either single (monthly)
or six monthly packs for dogs and cats

The biggest difference was how long Activyl lasted for- at least a full month. Other products tested lasted approx. 20 days, leaving a 10 day gap where fleas could jump on a pet and have time to feed and breed, laying 50 eggs a day for each flea. This was the major finding in the study and was felt to be the reason other flea products were struggling to control fleas.