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Kitten Vaccine Programme

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a new kitten. The following is some information to help you make sure your new friend stays healthy and happy.

Our BHVG Cat Life Charts are a great tool to easily setup everything there is to remember from 2 weeks of age to the senior years. Print up a copy of the Life Chart at the bottom of this page, fill in the dates, stick it on the toilet or pantry door and away you go!

Kitten Vaccinations

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Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis are still very common as the feral and stray cat population contains "carriers" who spread these viruses when in contact with domestic cats.
Kittens require a series of vaccinations, starting at 6-9 weeks of age, followed by an annual booster to maintain immunity.

A standard vaccine programme for kittens is as follows:

This schedule would suite a cat that stays mostly indoors and does not fight with feral cats.

A more comprehensive vaccine programme for kittens is as follows:

The addition of Chlamydia vaccine would be for cats going into high risk areas e.g. cat shows, catteries, fighting feral cats etc. Depending on the incidence of Chlamydia in your area, your vet will be able to tell you if it’s better for your kitten to have an F4 or F3 vaccine.

The Chlamydia part of the vaccines tends to make cats sleepy for a day or two.

An even more comprehensive vaccine programme for kittens is as follows:

If a kitten is already 12 weeks or older and not had any vaccines to date, it needs two Feline Flu and Feline Enteritis vaccines 4 weeks apart.

If you wish to have the Feline AIDS vaccine, it will need 3 shots approx 3 weeks apart for it to work.

In areas where Feline Leukaemia is common, the addition of Feline Leukaemia vaccine (two doses 4 weeks apart) is a very good idea.

Annual Health Checks and Boosters

In order to maintain immunity and good health, we recommend an annual health check and vaccine booster.

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