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Hot spots

These are more prevalent in dogs, especially thick coated breeds.

Hot spots require immediate veterinary attention as they can double their size overnight and give pets a great deal of discomfort. They require aggressive therapy- clip, scrub, cortisone and antibiotics.

Most of the damage is done by the dog continually chewing &/or scratching itself, hence the need for anti-inflammatory drugs. Owners first notice a weeping inflamed area often with matted fur and pus underneath. They are intensely itchy and painful. 

Hot spot tail baseHot spot bodyHot spot face


Conditions and common underlying causes


For hot spots due to certain conditions, attacking the underlying cause is the best plan of attack e.g. flea control, ear infection. blocked anal glands

Regular washing with Dermcare Pyohex or Malaseb is very helpful in preventing hot spots. Follow up with Dermcare Pyohex conditioner.

For those dogs with ear problems leading to hot spots below and around the base of the ear, consider using Malaseb shampoo as an ear wash. Dilute 1ml of Malaseb into 30mls of water and flush the ears 1-2 times a week and after swimming. Make a fresh solution each time.

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