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Hill’s Gene Therapy Weight Loss

Wow! Here's some very interesting news.

Hill's new Metabolic diet range actually changes a pet's DNA structure so the body starts to "chew up" fat at a much faster rate. The new diet has taken years to develop. It makes you wonder if humans will be next on the list and once again shows advances in veterinary medicine often end up being transferred to human medicine e.g. stem cell therapy for arthritic joints using the pet's own fat supply (not embryos).

Feed Hills Metabolic (dry and/or tin) food as at least 90% of the diet for a minimum of 10 weeks and a pet's DNA changes (see photo below)

The new food is not designed for pets with medical conditions already controlled by Hill's other low calorie diets e.g. fibre responsive irritable bowel on w/d, diabetic cats on m/d.