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FREE Bravecto Mon 16th Oct 2017

It's my dream that no dog should die of paralysis ticks this season.

And to achieve this, MSD (who make Bravecto) and BHVG are handing out FREE Bravecto to each dog who visits us on Mon 16th Oct between 11-1pm.

That's right! Absolutely FREE.

That's a saving of between $60-$80.

But you must bring your dog with you.

New pets to BHVG will have their weight recorded so they get the correct sized packet, and their owners will be asked to provide their contact details so we can setup future 3 monthly reminders.

New pets will also get a FREE nail clip. How good is that!

But, it only runs for 2 hours on Monday 16th October at BerryHaven Veterinary Group at 2/133 Shoalhaven Heads Rd, Shoalhaven Heads.

Contact BHVG on (02) 4448 5621 for more details