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First Aid for Pets- the Inspiration

1st aid transFirstly, the reason I have put these pages online is the inspiration given to me by two American speakers who have lectured in Australia- Rebecca Kirby and Dennis Crowe.

We hold free first aid classes for BHVG clients, time permitting. Call us on 02 4448 5621 to find out about the next class.

Dennis Crowe mentioned the idea based on an experience where he did the same in a practice in the USA. In the class were 2 young girls. Not long after the class, one of the girls fell into the backyard pool and started to drown. Her sister remembered the CPR drill that Dennis had taught them just one week earlier- you guess the rest!

Most of the things contained in these pages are re-hashed from their talks and are equally applicable to human first aid classes.

Feel free to print them up and distribute them, as one day, the same thing may happen to you as it did to Dennis, and that's priceless in my language.

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