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Feliway®- Improving Behaviour

It is quite common for cats to become anxious at times of stress. Stress occurs when there are changes to their routine or to their environment. These stressful changes can include:

Symptoms of a stressed cat include:

Feliway is a synthetic analogue of naturally occurring feline facial pheromones of cats. Cats are believed to use their facial pheromones to familiarise themselves with the environment. These pheromones also have a settling effect, with the cat carrying out normal exploratory and feeding behaviour if they are present in the environment.
Therefore, Feliway is a natural solution for stress related problems in cats caused by changes to their routine or to their environment. Feliway is highly effective in preventing or stopping urine spraying, scratching and has a calming effect on stressed cats or cats for transportation or hospitalisation.

Feliway comes in either a spray or plug-in diffuser, both of which are available from BHVG on (02) 4448 5621