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Boredom in dogs

Bhvg lazy dog 1 transDogs with lots of toys are like kids - they get bored with them quickly. Owners come home to find the back yard and/or parts of the house have been destroyed. Some dogs develop strange behaviours e.g. chewing their paws, circling and tail chasing.

Environmental enrichment to stop boredom

A great product is called the Kong toy, which bounces like a football all over the place and has a hole at the bottom of it to fill with dry dog food and then seal the end with peanut butter or cold cooked rice. The dog will spend a lot of time trying to get the food out of the centre. These are available from BHVG.

Exercise every day

Prevention of boredom related problems

Never punish the dog on return as this will increase anxiety. You must develop a less dependent relationship with your dog to promote feelings of confidence and independence: