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Accidents in the House

Bhvg pup peeking transExtract from David Weston’s book "Dog Training- the Gentle Modern Method

Inevitably one or two accidents will happen, nobody is perfect! It is extremely important never to punish your puppy for eliminating in the house because the pup will associate the punishment with "the act" rather than its location. In other words it will be frightened to pooh or wee in front of you and will try to hide next time it needs to eliminate. This will be most distressing for the puppy and will cause major house training problems.

When accidents happen you should clean the area thoroughly and then deodorise it so that there is no smell of urine left, otherwise the puppy will tend to go back and use that spot again.

Don’t use ammonia-based cleaning products which will smell like urine to a dog.

The cardinal rules of house training are patience, observation, and the application of appropriate knowledge so that you can produce, and reinforce, the behaviour you want.
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