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This is an uncommon condition caused by the body's immune system attacking the skin. There are many types of Pemphigus lesions ranging from pustules (pimples) to ulcers or vesicles (blister like) lesions in the skin and mucous membranes e.g. along the lip margins. Some case have thick cheesy discharge around the nail beds and can lead to the pet chewing off its own nails or toes.

It's a very hard condition to treat and once diagnosed, requires regular visits, blood tests, and continuous medication.

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Diagnosis depends on ruling out other skin conditions e.g. flea allergy, food allergy, mange mites etc. Skin biopsies are the best method to diagnose Pemphigus.


Treatment involves the use of drugs that suppress the immune system e.g. cortisone Leukaran and/or Cyclosporine. Antibiotics and regular shampoos e.g. Dermcare Malaseb may be required. Long haired animals may need to have their hair clipped short to make it easier to maintain.

Pemphigus can be fatal if not treated. It is very debilitating for affected pets (and humans who have their own version of Pemphigus).

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