Pet Illnesses

Mammary Cancer

Due to the increased awareness as a result of public education and available screening services, the mortality rate from breast cancer has dropped significantly in women. We should also apply these principles to the care of our pets.

Tumour mammary 1Tumour mammary 3

Tumour mammary 2Tumour mammary 5

This is especially the case with mammary tumours in older female pets. These tumours can affect any age pet, but mainly around the 10 year old mark.

An owner may notice a thickening or a firm lump under one or more of the nipples on the pet's belly. If you notice this you should definitely get it checked out by the vet.

About 50% of mammary tumours are malignant and will spread rapidly to the surrounding lymph nodes and even to the lungs. So it is crucial they are diagnosed early. Regularly check your pet, of any age, all over for any new lumps or bumps.
Interestingly pets that are desexed before their first heat are 200 times LESS likely to suffer from this type of tumour. This benefit lessens with each heat and after 2 ½ years the benefit is lost. This is another good reason to have your pet desexed early.
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