Pet Illnesses

Diabetes: Cure Rates

In general, the underlying cause of diabetes mellitus cannot be cured. However, if you can establish a regular life-style for your pet and it is treated with a good insulin preparation e.g. Caninsulin for dogs and Glargine for cats, your pet can lead a normal, contented life.

Researchers have noted that about one third of cats that are adequately treated with insulin will eventually go into remission. It is important to watch for signs of this. Remission does not occur in dogs.

Once they have been stabilised on insulin, most animals are able to lead a normal life. The life expectancy of dogs and cats on insulin is considered to be similar to that of normal, healthy animals.

Cataract formation

Most diabetic dogs will develop cataracts in later life. This is related more to the age of the dog than to control over its blood sugar.Older dogs develop cataracts much quicker than younger dogs e.g. months compared to years later.
Cataracts affect the dogs eyesight but not its overall well being.

Other complications

Unlike human diabetes, pets do not live long enough to see the long term illness associated with diabetes in humans such as...