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Blind Dog Cane

Missy has had a run of health issues. Following cataract surgery to remove damaged lens as a result of diabetes, she gradually lost sight in both eyes due to deterioration to the retinas at the back of each eye.

The retina is like the film in a camera and in both pets and people it can slowly degenerate in diabetic cases even with good control of the disease.

Missy had already bumped her eyes on 2 occasions, causing ulceration and soreness on the surface of the eye.

Her owners followed Mark’s idea of ordering a Muffin Halo online from the USA.

As she walks along, the halo bumps into things long before her nose or eyes do- its like a protective barrier.





The harness stops the halo from sliding around her body.

Any vibration on the halo is senses by Missy through the harness on her body- a great invention.

Missy is immediately back to getting around the house with much more confidence, and her spirits have lifted.

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