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Please see below for a number of interesting cat and dog medical and surgical cases.

Rabbit Bladder Hernia Repair

Loppy had a large swelling in his scrotum which turned out to be his urinary bladder. Mark performed the tricky surgery to repair the hernia.

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Walter makes a great recovery from head trauma

Walter had a nasty blow to the head that left him in a bad way. Here he is on day 6 looking for our practice cat, Tigs. We reckon he is a miracle dog, and his owners are so happy.

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Dislocating Patella Repair in a Dog

Deesha had her dislocating patella repaired by Mark.

See the full story and more pics here

Sophie’s Emergency Stomach Surgery

Sneaky Sophie got into a bag of chook food which partly solidified in her stomach.

She was unable to vomit or pass it into her intestines, so Mark had to go in and "spoon it out" piece by piece.

Sophie made a great recovery. In fact, she was pulling on the lead next morning and was after a fresh meal later that evening.

Who says dogs and cats don’t get along?

Nala and Zabby are best mates when it comes to play time.

Ultrasound of Pippa’s First Litter

Video of Pippa's first pregnancy recoroed on ultrsound- see the puppy's hearts beating and one opening and closing its mouth.
Can you see any legs and a tail?

Flying Fox carries her twins

Our local wildlfie rescuers are looking after this injured Flying Fox who happens to be carrying 2 babies.

Welcome to Hospital Cases

Welcome to our huge section on veterinary hospital cases.

Dog car harness failure

In this test conducted by the NRMA, only 2 brands of dog harness survived their rigid car crash test.

Welcome to Pet Information

Welcome to the pet information section of our website. On these pages, we cover the most common things pet owners need to know about, such as kitten and puppy care, fleas, paralysis ticks, behaviour issues, skin problems, first aid for pets and some other goodies. Enjoy the read! All the best from Down Under.

Mobile phone records a dog’s ECG

Mark has his mobile phone resting on an AliveCor ECG device which has been placed on a dog's chest wall. Upon opening the AliveCor app on his phone, an ECG is recorded. The hard copy of the ECG automatically goes to a Google account as a pdf document for future analysis.
For more information, go to 

Paralysis Tick Search Technique

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Bundy takes a leap

Bundy has recently moved to Shoalhaven Heads from the big smoke.

Do you think he loves living here?

Ring Tail Possum Eating and Growing

Our orphaned Ring Tail Possum has done some growing thanks to the very hard work done by Rebecca.

He is soon to be released back into the wild in Berry on a property where he was found approx 2 months ago.

Molly & Charlie at Play

Here's our latest siblings to be looked after by Berryhaven Veterinary Group

An Orphaned Ring Tail Possum

An very young Ring Tail Possum being looked after by Rebecca with his surrogate Mum.

Normal ultrasound examination of the heart

Video appears courtesy of the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Milk fever in a lactating dog

Fleas overunning the tail base

Massive flea burden on a cocker spaniel

See also... Introduction to flea problems

Horizontal nystagmus following a stroke

Demodex mange mites from a skin scrapping

Scabies mite from a skin scrapping

A rare find indeed!

Feline Orofacial Pain Syndrome

A reltively new syndrome seen in cats